seasonal spotlight || spring 2017


  • Started our first year of gardening. We planted Sun Gold Cherry tomatoes, German Johnson tomatoes,  green bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, zucchini, spinach, snap peas, green onion, garlic, oregano and basil, and marigold flowers.
  • Prepared homemade seasonal (spring) meals: quinoa & black bean burgers; salmon spread (with crackers); vegetable quiche; buttermilk biscuits; zucchini bread; veggie “kabobs”
  • Made natural play dough
  • Made homemade toothpaste


  • Harriet was baptized on Mother’s Day (May 14)
  • Visit Frederik Meijer Gardens for their Butterfly exhibit
  • Lots of family walks and visits to the park
  • First ice cream cone of the season on June 4


  • Discovered Cultivate Simple and Unruffled podcasts
  • Completed two word search books in my “spare” time
  • Joined Homesong Book Club
  • Watched lots of Seinfeld. Among other movies, Asa and I also watched some enlightening documentaries: Food Matters and OMG GMO
  • Began attending Confirmation classes so as to become fully initiated into the Catholic faith during the Easter season next year

What were you up to this spring?

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